iHRIS Plan

iHRIS Plan is a workforce planning and modeling solution. It enables decision makers to assess their workforce needs for the next several years, project the expected health workforce over the same time, and make effective policy decisions to close the gap between the two.

iHRIS Plan

iHRIS Plan analyzes data collected in iHRIS Manage, iHRIS Qualify, and other health information systems to enable decision makers to understand their future workforce needs and make effective planning and policy decisions. It provides a picture of the current health workforce and projects how that workforce will change based on known influences such as retirement age, the number of trained workers annually entering the workforce, and other factors. This is then compared to projected health workforce needs, illustrating the gap between the two. The decision maker can interactively test various interventions to try to close that gap and immediately assess the effects.

iHRIS Plan requires a Linux server and MySQL database to run. You may also choose to run iHRIS Plan using the appliance model.

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