Translate iHRIS

Support for translation is built into the software code so iHRIS can easily be translated into numerous languages. Thanks largely to volunteers, iHRIS Manage and iHRIS Qualify have been translated into the following languages: Dutch, English, Estonian, French, Malian French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Sinhalese, Spanish, Swahili, and Tagalog. In order for iHRIS to reach as many users as possible, though, there is a great need for it to be translated into additional languages, such as Arabic.

Our core iHRIS developers identify strings of English text that need to be translated. Volunteers can go to one of the sites below and see a list of strings that need to be translated, then submit their translations.

To get started, go to one of the following sites:

  • Our hosting site, Launchpad: First, set up an account-it's free and quick. Then, click the Translations tab. Next, select the languages you are proficient in by clicking the Select Languages link on the right side. Click any project name in the list, such as iHRIS Manage, and then select the language. You will see a list of strings that need translation. Enter your translation and then check the box beside "Someone should review this translation."
  • Translatewiki: a platform that brings together a dedicated community of translators with free and open source software projects. To join, click Start Translating. You will be guided through the process of becoming a Translatewiki translator. Once iHRIS content has been translated, Translatewiki staff integrate the changes into the iHRIS source code on Launchpad.

As iHRIS is translated into multiple languages, more organizations in more countries will be able to implement and use the software. When translation into a new language reaches 70-80% completion, it will automatically be included in the next release of the iHRIS software as a language option.


Enabling Translations - This article describes how to enable any existing translations of the iHRIS software on your site.

Creating Translations - This page describes the various steps needed to translate a module in the iHRIS system once everything has been properly tagged as being translatable.

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