iHRIS Foundation

iHRIS was launched by IntraHealth International as a global good for digital health and now that it is deployed in over 24 countries, there is a diverse, worldwide iHRIS community of organizations, ministries, developers and eHealth leaders.

We launched the iHRIS Foundation to manage the continuing growth of iHRIS, while ensuring that community needs are met. IntraHealth International staff support the four main assets of the iHRIS Foundation:

  • Core iHRIS software development and documentation efforts.
  • The iHRIS deployment footprint in over 24 countries around the world.
  • The stakeholder community of over 300 Google Group and Slack Channel subscribers.
  • Potential stakeholders interested in improving healthcare human resource systems.

The iHRIS Foundation is guided by the Advisory Council, to help IntraHealth and the larger iHRIS community build upon the success of iHRIS by setting goals and objectives for its future.

IntraHealth will ask the Council for guidance and support on core iHRIS Foundation activities, presenting major changes and initiatives to the Council for its feedback, and solicit new ideas from it to improve IntraHealth’s software development and community engagement actions.

If you’d like to join the Advisory Council and provide technical leadership, community know-how, industry acumen and legal advice, or want more information about the iHRIS Foundation, please contact us.