The iHRIS Global Support Community is a group of caring and talented people from all walks of life: from Jharkhand, India, to Kampala, Uganda, to Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

What we have in common is a belief that everyone can play a significant role in improving the health of a nation. We believe that open technologies and approaches are the best way we can contribute to the achievement of universal health access.

iHRIS Foundation

We launched the iHRIS Foundation to manage the continuing growth of iHRIS, while ensuring that community needs are met.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council consists of up to nine individual members who can provide perspectives from different types of stakeholder organizations, not as representatives of a specific organization.

iHRIS Global Support Community

Ask questions, contribute to the development and direction of iHRIS, get support getting support from the core development team and our global community of developers, implementers, and users.

Translate iHRIS

iHRIS is available in almost 20 languages and translation has largely been due to volunteers. Support for translation is built into the software code.