iHRIS 5.0

IntraHealth International is excited to showcase iHRIS Version 5.0, an complete update of our flagship human resources information system that continues our leadership in health informatics. iHRIS 5.0 features a new interface and modern design to make workforce planning and tracking even easier. Major functionality and upgrades include:

  • Powerful New Dashboards: iHRIS Version 5.0 uses Kibana to visualize real-time iHRIS data in a powerful and flexible new dynamic dashboards with advanced analysis and visualizations that can be customized per role and per user.
  • Global Data Interoperability: iHRIS Version 5.0 is based on the popular and easy-to-use FHIR interoperability standard for health information systems.  FHIR allows iHRIS to be connected to existing dashboard platforms, such as DHIS2, PowerBI, Tableau, for integrated real-time reporting.
  • Better Data Accuracy: iHRIS Version 5.0 supports interoperability with the Global Open Facility Reconciliation Tool, so that facilities and organizations can be matched between DHIS2, iHRIS v4, OpenMRS, and other databases.
  • Beautiful New Interface: iHRIS Version 5.0 has a new interface, redesigned to be fast and responsive on mobile or desktop, with a clean, modern look and feel that is easily customized and translated to support specific use cases.
  • Enhanced mHero Compatibility: iHRIS Version 5.0 will interface with the new mHero solution under development that will make it easier to connect iHRIS to RapidPro and synchronize health workforce communications.

iHRIS Version 5.0 demo is available for review and it can be downloaded today for testing. 

We want your input on the new design and functionality. Help us improve iHRIS Verion 5.0 by joining our global iHRIS Support Community.

  • Are there features you want to see in the new iHRIS?
  • Are there new features you need for your use cases prioritized?
  • Is there an old feature you want changed or upgraded?