iHRIS Version 5.0 features a new interface and modern design to make workforce planning and tracking even easier.

iHRIS is a package of software built on a flexible framework that can be adapted to meet a wide variety of needs for managing health workforce information. Our 4.x release offers three comprehensive solutions for managing health workforce information and two workforce planning tools.

iHRIS Manage supports Ministry of Health and other service delivery organizations to track, manage, deploy, and map the health workforce.

iHRIS Qualify enables professional councils and associations to maintain a database of registered and licensed health professionals to support increased quality of care.

iHRIS Train tracks and manages health worker training activities, including preservice education and in-service continuing education.

iHRIS Plan is a workforce planning and modeling solution. It enables decision makers to assess their workforce needs for the next several years, project the expected health workforce over the same time, and make effective policy decisions to close the gap between the two.

iHRIS Retain is a web-based tool for costing health worker retention strategies.