Global Standards

IntraHealth authors and refines interoperability standards based on community and country feedback to ensure they meet needs and use cases. We’ve co-authored two international standards through the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) standards development organization: Care Services Discovery (CSD) and the Mobile Alert Communication Management (mACM).

CSD addresses the exchange of health worker and health facility information across multiple systems. The mACM standard paves the way for seamless communications between local information-gathering entities—such as nurses in hospitals or even automated monitors—and more distant health workers, administrators, or clients. mACM alerts operate via mobile phones, and can be used for emergency response, patient care reminders, or other communication in low resource settings.

IntraHealth has also developed an implementation of the mCSD profile to add Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) support to the Health Worker Registry and Facility Match tools to support ministries of health as they develop and maintain master facility lists and link them with existing public sources of health facility data.

Health Worker Registry

A Health Worker Registry (HWR) is the central authority for maintaining the unique identities of health workers within a country based on agreed-upon standards.

Facility Match

Facility Match is a tool for identifying, reconciling, and synthesizing duplicate or incomplete facility records across multiple data sets.