iHRIS Appliance

The iHRIS Appliance is a low-cost and low-maintenance solution for running the iHRIS software. The Appliance is a small computer without a monitor, mouse, or keyboard. Instead, it has only a small LCD screen and a few command buttons. Because the Appliance requires very little administration, it reduces the cost of expensive technical support personnel, as well as server hardware.

The iHRIS Appliance comes pre-loaded with all the software necessary to run one of the iHRIS software products or the full iHRIS suite, including any customizations requested and the customer’s HR data (if available in electronic format for import). A network administrator must configure the Appliance on the local area network (LAN), following basic instructions provided. As soon as the Appliance is connected to the customer’s LAN, the end users may access the iHRIS software from their computers using only a web browser. Internet connectivity is not required.

The cost for the iHRIS appliance, power supply, and flash drive backup solution is approximately US$550. To learn more about the Appliance solution and request technical assistance, please contact us.