Download iHRIS Software

iHRIS is open source software released under the GPL V3 license and is free for anyone to download, use, and modify. iHRIS is intended to be customized to meet the specific requirements of the country or organization using it. We provide many options for getting help with customizing iHRIS.

Click the links below to download the latest version of the software package of your choice. iHRIS requires an Apache Webserver, MySQL database, and PHP. Please be aware that iHRIS runs on LINUX and does not work on a Windows computer. Read the installation instructions before downloading.

iHRIS LogoiHRIS Full Suite 4.3.0 — Includes iHRIS Manage, iHRIS Qualify, iHRIS Train, and all supporting software.


iHRIS Manage LogoiHRIS Manage 4.3.0 — A human resources management tool that enables an organization to design and manage a comprehensive HR strategy.



iHRIS Train 4.3.0 — A tool for managing health worker training activities.


iHRIS Qualify Logo

iHRIS Qualify 4.3.0 — A health worker training, licensing, and certification tracking system.


The source code for all of the iHRIS applications is also available to download.

We still support iHRIS Suite 4.0. Click to find previous releases of each product: iHRIS Suite; iHRIS Manage; and iHRIS Qualify.