eLearning Courses

We are now offering two free eLearning courses to help you learn how to use and administer the iHRIS software. Both courses are available on CapacityPlus's HRH Global Resource Center. You must register with the Global Resource Center to take the courses, but registration is free.

The iHRIS User: Level 1 eLearning course provides instructions on how to set up and manage human resources data in the iHRIS Manage database. Information on managing employee and job applicant data, as well as training data, is included. Each module is designed to be used separately, as an online help guide, to teach human resources staff and hiring managers how to use the software.

The iHRIS Administrator: Level 1 eLearning course is a self-paced course that provides the skills needed to install, maintain, and customize iHRIS Manage and iHRIS Qualify. The course is beginner-level and aimed at current or aspiring iHRIS administrators who have information technology or software development backgrounds. Prior experience in software management, databases, or computer programming is helpful but not required. The course includes lessons, quizzes, audio and video instruction, and transcripts. The course begins with a brief overview of human resources and health information systems and then proceeds to technical content. It also provides information on data standardization and data quality—key to developing and maintaining useful data and increasing use of the system data. English-, French-, and Spanish-language versions of the course are currently available.