Uganda Ministry of Health on iHRIS Plan

Dr. Eddie Mukooyo, representing the Uganda Ministry of Health, attended the Health Workforce Planning Workshop held in December 2007, where the objective was to plan the development of iHRIS Plan, the workforce planning component of the iHRIS suite. Following the workshop, we talked to Dr. Mukooyo about his impressions of the discussion and the workforce planning software. Here is what he had to say:

“I believe we are moving in an area where we want to increase transparency, increase accountability, increase democracy and governance. You know that through all these we must empower our people to have software that enables them to use different models for different scenarios so that our policy makers or decision makers can better be informed, given the politics of the day, the environment, the burden of disease, the conditions and the economics.

“The software will be able to develop results that are easy to internalize, where possible they are graphical, so that people can make quick impressions of what is being alluded to from the models and decisions are arrived at very easily. If we can enable our decision makers to use this, and it becomes functional, then yes, we have contributed immensely to the sectors of HR management in these countries.”