4.0.12 Release of iHRIS Manage and iHRIS Qualify

We are pleased to announce the release of iHRIS Manage and iHRIS Qualify 4.0.12.

This 4.0.12 release introduces several new features to make implementation and administration of iHRIS easier, including:

  • A new mechanism to add extra field validations via ‘hooks.’  For example, this is now used to validate dates entered into the disciplinary action module and the workplace incident module.
  • An easy way to remap the id of a form safely – this is useful if you need to aggregate data from decentralized installations of iHRIS
  • A way to delete records safely – deleted records are now archived, and any linked records are identified before you delete
  • A more useful default behavior for entering a person’s identification, language proficiency, and position code
  • Several improvements and bug fixes in the custom reporting system and the multi-flat and entry form storage mechanisms.

We are also very happy to announce our new Debian packaging system, which will make installing and updating iHRIS smoother and easier. Read how to install the Debian packages here.  We will soon follow with instructions on how to package your own customizations as Debian packages.

A complete list of changes can be viewed here.

The full iHRIS Suite or any component may be downloaded from our Software Download page here. Please read the README file and installation instructions before downloading.

You may access a live, working demo of each of the systems via our website as well. To get started, visit the iHRIS Software Suite page on our website.

If you have any questions about this release, please contact us at hris@capacityplus.org.