Zanzibar Coordinates Donor and Government Efforts

The Department of Planning and Policy at the Zanzibar Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MoHSW) is taking a leadership role in coordinating donor and government efforts toward adoption of new systems. Following Capacity Project's installation of the iHRIS Manage software application earlier this year, the Department of Planning and Policy has been working with DANIDA to coordinate a government-wide data collection activity. Work is scheduled to begin in the upcoming months and will collect data on health workers, training needs, and many other vital pieces of information for entry into the new iHRIS Manage system. Capacity Project will assist again following the data collection activity with data entry and I am certain we will find additional areas to compliment the good work of the Zanzibar MoHSW and DANIDA.

We are often challenged by multiple donors and government organizations all working to solve similar problems but not always collaborating on the solutions. It is very encouraging to see what the Department of Planning and Policy is accomplishing by marrying the donor activities of Capacity Project and DANIDA and by obtaining buy-in and participation commitment from all government agencies.