Three Early Digital Health COVID-19 Response Success Stories

Coronavirus infection rates are climbing exponentially around the world with over 440,000 confirmed cases and 20,000 deaths so far. Governments, donors, and health workers are scrambling to find digital health solutions they can use in COVID-19 response activities.

While we desperately need innovative solutions now, we must be patient and:

We all need to follow the Principles for Digital Development as we respond to country needs. This is a world-stopping emergency, and we all are moving fast. However, we must focus on solutions that:

  • Foster government and community ownership
  • Build on existing systems and familiar technology
  • Incentivize long-term usefulness with flexible functionality

Only with measured and appropriate digital health technology solutions will we be efficient and effective in our response to COVID-19.

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Digital Health COVID-19 Response Success Stories

There are three early successes that showcase how information and communication technologies (ICT4D) can support rapid responses to communicable disease outbreaks, like COVID-19. Each of these implementations build on the three perquisites above and decades of collective experience in emergency response within governments and across the development sector.

Let us hope that more of these 60+ digital health solutions become future COVID-19 response success stories.