Testing New Versions of iHRIS Software

New 4.0.1 versions of iHRIS Qualify and iHRIS Manage are currently being tested for release later this month. This is a major upgrade for iHRIS Qualify, as it is migrating to the more sophisticated data structure of iHRIS 4.0.

 New enhancements in the 4.0.1 versions include:

  • Ability to upload resumes and photos
  • Link to standardized ISCO job codes in iHRIS Manage
  • Support for decentralized data management
  • Ability to easily read data from other databases 

In addition, this 4.01 release includes overall speed improvements and several bug fixes. 

After thorough testing, we will announce the official release of the software, make the code available for download and post the new demos on this site.