In-service training management module piloted in Zanzibar

We have found that as countries adopt HRIS like iHRIS Manage, their questions and needs grow with the availability of data. In addition to knowing the position and salary structure, for example, they now wish to know what in-service trainings employees require and what trainings employees have attended. What competencies have employees attained as a result of these trainings? What are the greatest gaps in skills, and how can effective training programs close these gaps?

By extending iHRIS Manage via a module that can be turned on or off by the user, we provided a means of centrally tracking data on in-service trainings. iHRIS Manage users can now capture and report on training program details such as training organizations, funders and class schedules. They can record continuing education credits and competencies earned by completing a training course and link those competencies to individual staff members. Additionally, they can use the software to schedule employees in training classes and assess their performance and competencies earned. All of this information is available on demand with the software’s flexible reporting tool, making it an effective tracking and planning solution.

The specifications for training module were developed with extensive input from the Zanzibar Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MoHSW). In August 2008, a team of one developer and one HRIS advisor visited the MoHSW again to install the pilot version. They met with key stakeholders to review the training module functionality. Minor modifications were made to their installation on the fly, but overall the stakeholders were happy with the new module.

Feedback from this initial pilot was very strong. Local stakeholders were pleased to note that their early inputs were incorporated into the final product and to see how easily the new module worked with their existing iHRIS Manage installation. The MoHSW is now collecting data on in-service trainings, which will be entered into the software for summary and analysis.