Rwanda Evaluation Study Demonstrates Enthusiasm for Strengthening HRIS

In March and April, a Capacity Project evaluation team conducted qualitative interviews with 18 key informants at the central and district levels involved in strengthening Rwanda’s human resources information system (HRIS) using the Capacity Project’s iHRIS Manage software. The open source software has been customized to meet Rwanda’s specific needs. Preliminary results indicate that despite initial hurdles, including unforeseen server issues and turnover in key staff, users have continued enthusiasm for an electronic HRIS, particularly HR managers who see it as a time-saver. The software has been used to conduct quarterly workers’ skills audits and has motivated the integration of a number of HR information reports. Its modular approach is perceived favorably, as it allows for immediate use while other components are under development. Users requested that future features of the system include offline access, leave tracking, training tracking, and performance tracking. Recommendations include additional training, modifications to security access levels, standardization of data codes, system customizations specifically tailored to hospital management needs, and improvements in the sustainability of the HRIS by incorporating it into a daily way of working.