Offline iHRIS Version 3.0.1 (Bug Fixes) Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Offline iHRIS version 3.0.1, available for download at the Launchpad hosting site. This release fixes some bugs in version 3.0:

  • The software previously crashed when generating reports; this has been corrected.
  • Double-clicking the desktop icon now correctly launches the software.
  • Some branding issues have been corrected.

If you have previously downloaded and installed Version 3.0, please remove it using Add/Remove Programs (in the Control Panel) and delete the directory C:ihris before installing this bug fix.

Offline iHRIS can be installed and run on any computer running Windows XP. It installs a single-user version of both iHRIS Qualify and iHRIS Manage on the computer.

Offline iHRIS 3.0.1 has the following known issues:

  • To return to the main menu after selecting to run either iHRIS Qualify or iHRIS Manage, you must close the web browser and restart Offline iHRIS.
  • You must install Offline iHRIS to the directory c:ihris.
  • Selecting the Print option for a report currently produces an error.
  • The Magic Data browser, accessible via the Show Magic Data link, is a debugging module that does not work in this software. It is not necessary for running the software.

These issues will be corrected in Version 3.1, scheduled to be released in July 2008.

The full Release Notes can be downloaded as a README file.