Newsletter Article Highlights Benefits of Tanzania’s iHRIS Manage Software

The University of Dar es Salaam’s first eLearning newsletter features an article about the university’s support of Tanzania’s iHRIS Manage system, and highlights several benefits.

A team of faculty and students from the Computer Science Department is partnering with the IntraHealth-led Tanzania Human Resource Capacity Project to support and customize iHRIS Manage for Tanzania. As part of this work, they have adapted the system to meet needs in addition to the health sector, including translating it into Kiswahili, Tanzania’s official language. On the Mainland, the software is being implemented by the Christian Social Service Commission, the country’s largest FBO employing 40% of the country’s health workers, and is being installed in district health offices by the Prime Minister’s Office of Regional and Local Government. In Zanzibar, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare is deploying the software.

In the article, the program's Project Coordinator, Dr. Juma Lungo, states that the system has solved several challenges with storing and locating information about employed health workers caused by misplacing or losing paper files or neglecting to transfer files upon position change or promotion. The University don adds that the data entry process has helped to address incorrect and incomplete data in files, and identify retired or deceased employees still included on staff lists. The article also points out that the software stores vital documents about employees, such as training certificates and promotion letters.