Where Is the Documentation for iHRIS?

We have completed the process of uploading all of the documentation for iHRIS Manage and iHRIS Qualify. You can find the vision statements, full use case models and supporting documentation on the software pages. If you are very interested in how we developed this software and how it works, the use cases should prove enlightening. The use case model documents all functions already implemented in each system, as well as future development paths, such as an in-service training management module for iHRIS Manage. The use cases will be updated regularly on this site as they are expanded and revised.

In addition, we have added a page with information of particular interest to any developers who would like to customize the systems for their own use or contribute to our core development project for iHRIS. Check out the new For Developers page to find links to the code repository, bug-tracking and knowledge base systems, mailing list and wiki where we are documenting current development efforts and future plans.

As always, we welcome suggestions and feedbacks via the comments or the Contact form on this site. Happy reading!