Try iHRIS Retain, Our Retention Costing Tool, for Free

We invite you to try iHRIS Retain, our latest free and open source tool. It estimates the costs of plans to attract health workers to serve in a rural region—and to keep them there. The web-based tool guides users step by step through the process to capture relevant financial and health workforce data. iHRIS Retain then calculates the total costs—generating reports for each retention strategy and type of health worker, as well as for different packages of strategies—and compares the costs to available funding. Country health leaders can use the information to determine which retention strategies are feasible and then calculate their budgets for enacting them.

Previously, similar cost-estimating exercises in developing countries have often depended on technical assistance from international health economists. But iHRIS Retain is specifically designed for human resources managers and other health officials. It reduces reliance on international technical assistance and empowers health workforce stakeholders to select and carry out affordable retention strategies. iHRIS Retain was field-tested in Lao People’s Democratic Republic, where more than 80% of people live in rural areas.

Learn more about iHRIS Retain and access it for free online from our website.