Tools Like iHRIS Are Helping to Reduce the Burden of Global Disease

IntraHealth International's Laura Hoemeke provides a health worker perspective on the Global Burden of Disease Study 2010, recently published by The Lancet. She shares how technologies are helping improve health outcomes worldwide:

At IntraHealth, we work closely with governments to help build better data systems that allow countries to not only count their health workforces but also to plan for their future needs. Take the iHRIS Suite, for example. IntraHealth created this open-source software to allow ministries of health, professional health councils, and other decision-makers in developing countries to maintain current, accurate data on their health workforces. iHRIS was the first of its kind for the health sector and now tracks nearly half a million health workers worldwide.

From: Tackling the Global Burden of Disease, One Health Worker at a Time.