Tanzania expresses strong interest in iHRIS Manage

During a March and April 2008 visit to Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar several groups expressed interest in iHRIS Manage. First, Zanzibar is now running a customized version of the software on their new server. They requested assistance with additional customizations and intend to send three people to PHP training with Capacity's funding assistance in order to make these customizations themselves in future. Zanzibar already has a data collection and entry plan and requested minimal additional funding from Capacity Project to support these activities. Second, the Benjamin Mkapa Foundation is interested in a collaborating on iHRIS Manage to maintain employment data on the Capacity-Mkapa Emergency Hire Program employees. They have an Access database which tracks applicant information but nothing that tracks them following employment with the program. Third, the Department of Administration and Personnel at the MoHSW mainland Tanzania is interested in the Capacity Project's support in developing a new employee tracking tool. This is a perfect match to the fields and functionality already available in iHRIS Manage, and we will be working with them to customize the system according to their needs. Lastly, CSSC is very interested in deploying iHRIS Manage at the central level, districts, and down to the individual facilities. We will continue to work with CSSC to identify funding to support this project as it will greatly benefit the MoHSW to easily share information with CSSC who provides 40% of the healthcare in Tanzania.