Students Share Experiences Supporting iHRIS in Tanzania

Last year, the Tanzania Human Resource Capacity Project (THRP) began partnering with the University of Dar-es-Salaam - Computer Science Department to ensure support and sustainability of the country’s iHRIS Manage software implementation and other HRIS strengthening activities..

In the first year, eight seniors from the department worked with THRP to customize the system, work with the implementing partners, develop user manuals and training materials, and, most important, build capacity for supporting iHRIS Manage in the country by training students as junior programmers. The students also participated in THRP HRIS meetings and contributed to workplan discussions.

The first group of students who participated in the program will graduate later this month. To create awareness of the program, the department held a workshop on June 19 for the outgoing students to share their experiences with incoming seniors.

The workshop included opening remarks from Dr. Mercy Mbise of UDSM, a senior systems analyst of the iHRIS Software requirements in Tanzania, and an introduction to the program from Dr. Juma Lungo, the coordinator of the program at UDSM. The outgoing students then gave a demonstration of the iHRIS Manage software, highlighting the modules they developed over the last year. Then there was time for discussion, followed by closing remarks from Mathayo Josephat, an ICT officer for the Christian Social Services Commission, which is implementing iHRIS Manage.

The event was a success and at least sixteen students expressed interest in joining the program and developing case studies that aim at further development/upgrading of the iHRIS Manage software.