Reports from the Field: iHRIS Qualify Work in Nigeria

On the CapacityPlus blog, our colleague Amanda Puckett writes about her recent visit to Nigeria, with a special highlight on the iHRIS activities going on there: Nigeria's Health Workforce: Aso! The Nigeria Nursing and Midwifery Council is implementing iHRIS Qualify, and the system will soon be expanded to the Medical Laboratory and Sciences Council.

Amanda also interviewed Kingsley Chima Anwuacha, an HRIS data entry supervisor at the Nigeria Nursing and Midwifery Council, for the CapacityPlus series, "I'm a Health Worker." Mr. Anwuacha talks about the challenge of protecting the public from unqualified health and providers and shows his enthusiasm supporting the Nigerian nursing workforce. Watch the full interview.

The Nigeria project is going to be growing extensively over the next year, and we should be hearing a lot more from our Nigeria team as they ramp up.