Release of iHRIS Qualify 3.0 and iHRIS Manage 3.0

We are very pleased to announce the release of versions 3.0 of iHRIS Qualify and iHRIS Manage. Live demonstrations of each have been posted to this website. Visit the iHRIS Manage page or the iHRIS Qualify page to test out the new features. You’ll see the introduction of configurable modules and increased report functionality. Once you've logged into the software demo, click on ‘Create Reports’ on the left hand toolbar and choose a report that you’d like to view. Most of the reports can now be exported to Excel for further analysis and can be easily formatted into PDF format. The code for both software products will be packaged for easy download and available on this website by the end of this week. We'll post another blog when the software packages are available. If you would like to read the technical documentation or find out about future development plans, visit our wiki.