Photos from Usability Testing

Here are some photos from the iHRIS Manage usability testing that the HRIS team has been conducting over the last several months (see blog from last week for more information).

The following photos were taken at the recent Capacity Project HRIS/DDDM workshop in April in Arusha, Tanzania. Several HRIS team members facilitated concurrent sessions with workshop participants, allowing more people to test the software.

Julie Spero, HRIS Specialist, conducting test with participants from Swaziland.

Sarah Dwyer, Communications Officer, testing with a participant from Lesotho.

Angela Self, HRIS Advisor, conducting test with a participant from Uganda.

Here are some stills from video captured during usability tests conducted in Chapel Hill and in Uganda.

Kaitlin Hunkele, IT Associate, IntraHealth

Kaitlin offering suggestions for improving the usability of the iHRIS software.

Eunice, from the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council, testing the software

Eunice testing the software