New Tool from WHO for Assessing the Uses and Sources of HRH Data

The WHO Health Workforce Information Reference Group (HIRG) has released a new country assessment tool on the sources and uses of human resources (HRH) for health data, which is an adapted version of the instrument included in our HRIS Strengthening Toolkit. This diagnostic tool contains questions intended to gather information on the uses, types, and quality of data on HRH at the institutional level in countries. This step is critical to identify strengths and weaknesses of the current HRIS in countries. The resulting information can then be used to identify priorities and develop strategies to strengthen the HRIS at district, regional, or national level.

The current version of the instrument has recently been used in Guatemala and Rwanda to understand the support required to assist countries to improve or develop their HRIS. We are currently adapting the iHRIS software in both countries to meet the requirements developed by WHO and the CDC in part using this tool.

This country assessment tool can be downloaded in English from the WHO website.