New HRIS Appliance Model Successful Install

With Tanzania field support funding the Capacity Project recently launched the first installation of our new HRIS appliance. The appliance, pictured below, is a small computer without a traditional screen, keyboard, or mouse. A network administrator uses the small LCD screen and few buttons on front to install the appliance on the LAN and then directs users to their ready-to-use iHRIS installation.

This model represents another low-cost, fast approach to installing the iHRIS software suite. The appliance itself costs around $600 USD and requires very little administration, thereby reducing the cost of expensive IT support personnel. The appliance ships from the Capacity Project US office with the customer’s customized version of the software already installed and ready to use. As soon as the appliance is connected to the customer’s LAN the end users may begin using the system.

This model offers greater security and accessibility than the Windows version of iHRIS. The Windows version must be installed on a PC, generally a PC already in use by an end-user. This increases the chance of virus corruption resulting in down time or much worse, data corruption. Further, while others can connect to the PC running the Windows version of iHRIS, this requires a static IP address and also requires the host PC remains available when needed. The appliance model, on the other hand, is used for nothing other than running iHRIS. No end users can surf the web or download viruses to the appliance. And the appliance remains available so long as the LAN is functioning. Even if the LAN is down we can offer another way to connect directly to the appliance – contact us for assistance.

The first iHRIS appliance was successfully installed at Christian Social Services Commission (CSSC) headquarters in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Following an introductory and learning period we will assist them with installing appliances in their five Zonal offices as well. The Zonal offices will be responsible for data entry and ownership and all data will aggregate at the central level. Check back for an update on this project in early May. iHRIS appliance