New HRIS Advisor in Namibia

In June Laticha Walters joined the IntraHealth team as the local Namibian HRIS Advisor. Laticha will be seated at the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS), working directly with all stakeholders to ensure adherence to the Capacity-funded HRIS strengthening activity plan. She brings a wealth of professionalism and project management experience with recent government experience and already knows many MoHSS and Office of the Prime Minister employees. After only a few days of training she jumped in immediately scheduling meetings with key stakeholders to introduce herself and seek opinions on how she can add value. She is also already at work refining the HRIS strengthening activity plan and taking ownership of key activities such as the regional connectivity pilot and MoHSS and OPM systems strengthening collaboration.

I will continue to work on HRIS strengthening in Namibia in collaboration with Laticha and I think we will see much greater progress now with a local person dedicated to the project success. Laticha is on contract with IntraHealth through the end of October. We will evaluate as that date draws near to see if we can extend the length of her contract and complete all of our planned activities.

Welcome, Laticha!