Namibia Progresses with Expansion of HR Information System

One of the goals of the Namibia Ministry of Health and Social Services (MOHSS) is to strengthen the electronic human resources information system (HRIS) located in the Office of the Prime Minister and expand it to all ministries and eventually the districts. With support from the Capacity Project, which purchased nine computers and a server and hired data entrants, the MOHSS is transferring its paper records into electronic format. The other 25 ministries are undergoing the same process; within six months they will share HR and financial information with the Office of the Prime Minister via the new system. In March, the Capacity Project conducted an assessment of three pilot districts to determine readiness to link to the central HRIS. At a Stakeholder Leadership Group meeting, stakeholders reviewed findings and recommendations, updated the implementation timeline and discussed data-sharing issues. Information is not currently being shared by non-government agencies. In future months, however, the Capacity Project will assist the MOHSS with linking to the parastatals and faith-based health organizations so there will be a complete picture of health workers in Namibia.