More countries sign on to iHRIS: Global Community Still Growing and Adapting

Four new countries have recently adopted iHRIS and four more are in the planning stage to use the open-source health information system.

Presently, 23 countries utilize iHRIS to track and manage more than one million health workers. That is up from 18 countries in 2013.

The countries entering the planning stages to adopt iHRIS include:

  • Bhutan
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ethiopia
  • The Gambia

The possibility that 27 countries could utilize iHRIS illustrates the continued interest in the open-source solution for tracking and managing health care workers. Its growth underscores the fact that the iHRIS Community remains healthy and engaged.

At the same time, the global iHRIS Community is undergoing fundamental changes.

IntraHealth International continues to support the iHRIS Suite, and the US-based organization wants to broaden the community structure so all stakeholders have a greater say in iHRIS’s future direction. IntraHealth is currently working on ways to better engage stakeholders of all levels so everyone has a voice.

We will need everyone’s help to redefine the iHRIS community goals. More coming soon.

Photo of Globes by ricardo