Join the iHRIS Development Team

The development team has been working very hard and having lots of fun to bring the iHRIS Suite code to the Open Source development community.

We have chosen to host the iHRIS Code on Launchpad, a free service for Open Source software hosting and management. See the full iHRIS development project at: The iHRIS Manage code is currently available, and iHRIS Qualify will follow next week.

There you can ask questions about any of the iHRIS programs, report or track bugs, see the code itself and read our blueprints for development of new features. If you are a developer, perhaps you'll see some features on our wishlist that you'd like to tackle! In addition, we will be asking for help with translating the software into multiple languages, providing support to users or just making suggestions for new features you'd like to see, all of which can be done through the Launchpad site.

We are also revamping this website to include more information about current, planned and requested features and make our documentation easily available for downloading and printing. Check out the software pages to see the changes. We even have a new wiki where we are collaboratively working on new documentation and feature specifications. Finally, we have established a developers mailing list where anyone one who is interested can join the conversation about iHRIS development.

Of course, we welcome your comments, suggestions and participation. The Contact page on this site is another easy way to get in touch with us.