IntraHealth Continues Human Resources for Health Work in Kenya and Tanzania Through New Projects

Through the Capacity Project, IntraHealth has been working in Kenya and Tanzania to improve their capacity in human resources for health (HRH), including strengthening their HR information systems. Two USAID associate awards—Capacity Kenya and the Tanzania Human Resource Capacity Project—will allow IntraHealth to build upon the successes of the Capacity Project.

Capacity Kenya will continue to roll out the HRIS, among other HRH initiatives. The Capacity Project in Tanzania piloted an HRIS in Zanzibar; in the new project, the piloted HRIS will be implemented at the district level and in partnership with faith-based organizations and the Christian Social Services Commission. The project will work with University of Dar el Salaam to develop their capacity to provide technical and management support to ensure sustainability of the system.

A launch ceremony was held for Capacity Kenya on June 30. The Tanzania Human Resource Capacity Project will launch later this summer.

Read more about these new awards on IntraHealth's website.