iHRIS Retain: A New Tool for Costing Health Worker Retention Strategies

iHRIS Retain is the newest addition to the iHRIS platform of tools and technologies for supporting the health workforce. This tool helps managers of health workers cost retention strategies at the district, regional, or national level. Try iHRIS Retain now.

Attracting and retaining health workers to serve in rural or remote areas is an ongoing challenge. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a combination of retention interventions depending on the targeted cadres of health workers. Before putting interventions in place, stakeholders must know: How much will these interventions cost over time? Can we afford them?

iHRIS Retain, developed by CapacityPlus in collaboration with WHO, helps answer these critical questions by guiding the user step-by-step through the costing process to input necessary financial and health workforce data. The data may come from iHRIS Manage or another source. iHRIS Retain calculates the cost for each targeted cadre, as well as the aggregated cost of the retention strategy, and compares it to available health sector funds. The resulting reports can be used to determine the feasibility of retention interventions and budget for implementation.

iHRIS Retain is a free tool hosted by CapacityPlus. The only requirement is a connection to the Internet; no software needs to be installed. After creating a new user account, you can start a new costing exercise and save it for updating or reviewing later. Click here to get started.

iHRIS Retain Welcome Page

Because iHRIS Retain is an open source tool, the full source code is available for download from Launchpad, our hosting site.