iHRIS Documentation Updates

Technical and end user documentation for our iHRIS Suite of HR information systems has recently been updated and significantly expanded. All of our documentation is posted on our wiki, which is open to all iHRIS users. This documentation may also be printed as PDFs for your reference.

Here is what you'll find on the wiki now:

  • iHRIS Documentation and User Manuals: Intended for end users and system administrators, the user manuals provide instructions for using all three systems, Windows iHRIS and the iHRIS appliance.
  • Technical Documentation: Intended for developers and system administrators, the technical documentation covers installation, configuration and customization of the iHRIS software.
  • Data Dictionary: A reference of all fields used in the iHRIS suite.

There is a lot more information about the HRIS strengthening and iHRIS implementation on the wiki, in addition to the documentation listed above. Find it all on the iHRIS Suite Project Page.