iHRIS Developer Visits Lesotho

When Carl Leitner, iHRIS developer, was recently in Botswana, he also made time for a one day trip to Lesotho. The purpose of both trips was to ensure sustainability of the HRIS strengthening work funded by the South African Human Capacity Development (SAHCD) Coalition, a Capacity Project Associate Award that will end in September.

While in Lesotho, Carl met with employees of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MoHSW) to discuss their existing HRIS, which captures approximately 80% of the country’s health workers – those employed by the MoHSW and the Christian Health Association of Lesotho. The Excel database is comprised of 18 spreadsheets containing information on health workers employed in hospitals and associated facilities. He discussed importing the current Excel data into iHRIS Manage, and devised a plan for the way forward, should the MoHSW decide to move in that direction. He also delivered an iHRIS appliance loaded with iHRIS Manage, for the MoHSW staff to test to see if it meets their HR management needs. 

Carl also met with Health Systems Strengthening (HSS), an organization that is training health workers in Lesotho. They are interested in utilizing the iHRIS Manage in-service training module, in coordination with the MoHSW, to track trainings and performance, especially continuing education units.

Finally, Carl connected Lipholo, from the MoHSW HR department's HRIS section, with Kabelo Bitsang, iHRIS System Administrator seconded by SAHCD to the Botswana Ministry of Health, for future training and support. He believes their relationship would be crucial if Lesotho decides to adopt iHRIS Manage. Carl provided a list of other recommendations for the MoHSS to ensure sustainability of its HRIS strengthening efforts.

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