iHRIS Data Used For Public Registration Website in Uganda

The Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council recently launched a registration website that makes it easy for employers and managers of health professionals and the public to check on which medical officers are licensed to work in the country. This registration information is derived from the Council’s iHRIS Qualify system, our licensure and certification software.

Every day, an updated Excel file of registered doctors and dentists is exported from iHRIS Qualify and then uploaded onto the website. Currently, the site shows a list of 1,561 professionals with current annual practicing licenses.

The new site helps the Council safeguard against people who are not appropriately trained and motivates health workers to keep their licenses up to date because their professional standing will be public. The site also publishes which private clinics are registered and approved, who owns them, where they are located, and what services they offer.

The Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council is encouraging Uganda’s other health professional councils—the Allied Health Professional Council, the Nurses and Midwives Council, and the Pharmacy Council—to establish similar websites.

This write up was based on a recent blog posted on the IntraHealth website. Read it here.