iHRIS Community begins using Slack

The Global iHRIS Community will begin using the cloud-based collaboration tool Slack to augment its community communications.  You can access Slack on your phone, from a web-browser as well as directly on your computer.

The Global iHRIS Google Group will remain the principal communication tool allowing community members to share news, pose questions and receive feedback.

“Sometimes email is too cumbersome when there needs to be a lot of back and forth discussion so Slack makes this easier, said Luke Duncan, an IntraHealth International Senior Systems Developer and member of the iHRIS Community. “Slack is nice because it keeps a history for others to benefit from.”

Duncan feels Slack could be utilized for implementation (or installation) assistance that often can’t be answered through a single email. This also includes development discussions about new iHRIS features.

To receive an invitation to the iHRIS Slack Community, please follow this link. You will be asked to enter your email and then receive an invitation to join the iHRIS Slack Community.

iHRIS Slack will use channels dedicated to discussions on specific topics. Presently, this list includes the following channels:

#general  - this is your starting place where you can ask general questions about iHRIS
#dev - this is for people interested asking questions about iHRIS and related software development
#mhero - for discussion about linking iHRIS in to the mHero communication platform
#francais - si vous pouvez lire ceci, vous savez ce qu'il est pour
#commits - this tracks all committed changes to iHRIS and related software.  this gives you a sense of what our team is working on

Countries with iHRIS or iHRIS-product installations (like mHero) will also have their own dedicated channels, such as #DRC, #dominicanrepublic and #kenya.

iHRIS Community managers also point out that compared to email groups, Slack is feature rich. Slack  allows users to search all content, including files, conversations and other users. Users can upload files like spreadsheets, images, PDFs and Word processing documents, into Slack conversations. Users can also share files directly with other users. Slack also allows users to send direct messages to others.

Photo, Auklet flock, Shumagins 1986, by D. Dibenski in Public Domain.