HRIS Video Available Online

Sarah Dwyer, communications officer for Capacity Project, and I recently completed a short video about the Capacity Project’s HRIS strengthening work in Uganda.  The piece, “From Kampala to the Districts: Linking Data, Saving Lives,” focuses on the importance of having accurate data on the health workforce and specifically highlights nurses as they make up the largest cadre in the country.  Here is a short description of the video: 

Nurses Margaret Ekel and Mary Philomena Okello are dedicated to caring for their fellow Ugandans. But staff shortages and challenging conditions make their burdens heavy. How are the Ministry of Health and the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council, based in Kampala, using data to support the country's health workers and improve health care in the districts?

In May, we traveled to Uganda and conducted 11 interviews with stakeholders involved in HRIS strengthening. We also had the opportunity to interview two nurses working at a regional referral hospital. We filmed in several locations in Kampala, including at the Nurses and Midwives Council and the Ministry of Health, and also in two northern districts.

The video debuted at a Capacity Project HRIS auxiliary event in DC on May 27, as part of this year’s Global Health Conference.  It received a good response and has since been screened at an IntraHealth Board meeting, at an IntraHealth Donors Committee event, and at a Ministry of Health event in Uganda.

We recently created a version of the video for the web. You can find it at any of the following locations:

We are currently working on a print publication based on the material gathered from the interviews. We are excited about this version, as it highlights a few more voices and includes some of the still photographs from our trip. We will share the link to the publication as soon as it is available.

This was the first video created about our HRIS work. Denis Akankunda, monitoring and evaluation officer for Capacity Project/Uganda, was a tremendous help with location scouting and coordinating the interviews and he also contributed lots of amazing still photographs and additional video footage.

Please check out the video online - we welcome any feedback you may have, as we hope to create more videos in the future to communicate our work.

Sarah and Denis taking a white balance

Sarah and Carol filming b-roll

During interview with Margaret Ekel