Growing Technology Eco-Systems at SwitchPoint 2013

switchpoint 2013 Concert On April 19 and 20 in Saxpahaw, North Carolina, IntraHealth International convened the second annual SwitchPoint Conference, Retreat and Concert. SwitchPoint is conceived not as just another conference, but as an entirely new approach to solving the world's most pressing problems. It brings together innovators and experts in technology, communications, development, global health, the arts, and business to spark new connections, unusual collaborations, and unexpected repurposing of the tools and techniques we have already developed.

The iHRIS team was well represented at this year's SwitchPoint, and team leader Dykki Settle sat on a panel discussing "technology eco-systems." Such eco-systems might include information exchange models, patient record systems, health facility registries, and standards. The goal is to support inter-operability among the tools that different groups are developing and deploying, tools such as the open source iHRIS platform for managing human resources information. Keeping tools open enables eco-systems to develop in which these technologies can work with one another, to share data, increase collaboration, and transfer ownership of data and software to local governments. Open standards also means that each group trying to solve a global health problem doesn't have to start from scratch or build everything themselves. Instead, we look for a tool that's already been developed and is working well to fulfill needs when we have them. This allows us to focus on what's new and needed.

The technology eco-systems concept was just one of many new ideas that were presented at this year's SwitchPoint. Read more about all of the innovative ideas happening now.