Development Timeline for iHRIS

Here is an update on our development calendar for the first part of 2009.

The highest priority feature on our schedule right now is import/export data. This would allow decentralized use of iHRIS, such as installing the Windows versions in districts that can then exchange data with a centralized server version. Several countries are currently implementing this.

The import/export feature is complex and has a lot of dependencies. For example, we need to be able to check for and merge or remove duplicate records. We also need to be able to lock some data lists from editing at all but the central level to preserve standards. Finally, we need to preserve the integrity and quality of the data as it is being manipulated.

We have decided to push the release of this feature to early April 2009. This will enable us to meet field commitments and also have a new version of iHRIS available for use at our regional workshop. This release will be Version 3.3 of iHRIS Manage, Qualify and Windows iHRIS. (Version 3.2 will be for internal development purposes only.)

We have also scheduled a follow-up release, not yet numbered, for summer of 2009. The goal of this release will be to include several improvements based on requests from the field and our usability testing. For instance, we will have 3 new modules in iHRIS Manage: leave tracking, workplace injury tracking and disciplinary action. We will also include such features as employee photo upload and in-context help, and we expect to greatly improve the user interface, especially the reporting and database administration pages.

You can track our development timelines and goals on the wiki; here is the direct link.