Code Bounty: XML Representation of Field Data

Code Bounty: XML Representation of Field Data

Scope of Work

1. Background and Objectives

CapacityPlus, the USAID global flagship project for human resources for health, has been globally supporting human resources information system (HRIS) strengthening. XML representation of field data would create a standard way of representing form field data safely as structured xml. It would be used by the custom reporting module whenever export as XML is chosen. This would be added for version 4.1 of I2CE/iHRIS. Currently the reporting system for iHRIS exports data in XML in an unsafe way, namely it dumps out the database value. For the currently limited uses of XML report this has not been too problematic. However, there are some issues that need to be resolved so that XML based report exports can be more readily implemented and fully utilized. These issues include:

• Potential for exported data to itself can xml data which would make the xml export invalid
• Inability to export binary data (such as PDF files or photos) in a readable format
• XSLT manipulation of structured data (such a mapped fields) is painful and ugly and prone to breakage as it can only the simple string manipulation functions available

Note: This will break existing XSLT transforms of exported XML data. In particular of the transforms used by Kenya and Zanzibar would need to be updated before they upgrade to 4.1 of iHRIS. This is intentional as we would now be able to use xpath queries to get at the needed data rather than perform string manipulations.

2. Responsibilities and Detailed List of Tasks

• Work Closely with CapacityPlus/iHRIS team
• Maintain contact with iHRIS team throughout assignment
• Work with key staff to identify needed resources

3. Methodology and Available Resource Materials

The chosen candidate will have access to CapacityPlus and HRIS team members as well as all needed software and documentation including:

4. Deliverables and Reports

The main deliverables of the assignment will be:

Fully functional, documented, and tested code that implements the code requirements as defined in:

• Updates to the XSLT transforms used by Kenya and Zanzibar for SDMX-HD (see links below)

5. Location


6. Period of Performance

The assignment will take place during December 2011-February 2012

7. Qualifications

• Experience in creating new forms in iHRIS
• Experience in object oriented PHP
• Experience with XML

8. Submitting Applications

The interested candidates who are qualified should send their CVs and cover letter to Brooke Buchanan at before December 29, 2011. Cover letters should include the expected number of days to complete the assignment, expected daily rate in US $ at 8 hrs/day. Please note, daily rates less than $50 are preferred.