Code Bounty: eHealth Fellow – Report Dashboard

Code Bounty: eHealth Fellow – Report Dashboard


CapacityPlus, the USAID global flagship project for Human Resources for Health, has been globally supporting human resources information system (HRIS) strengthening. One important goal of this work is to increase the use of data for decision and policy-making. Adding the ability to easily create a per-user and per-role report and indicator dashboard is key to delivering pertinent information to the end-user.

Scope of Work

The developer will provide a new “Dashboard” page to the web-interface of this iHRIS Suite of software. This dashboard should be expected to contain 2-4 reports targeted to the user (although the web-interface should handle more than four reports in the dashboard). The chosen view for the report (table/chart/etc) should be loaded dynamically using AJAX to minimize the load time of the page — this may be done either on page load or on user initiation by clicking a button to “load the report.”

There should also be a web-interface the iHRIS administrator should be able to configure the report views that are part of the dashboard on a “per-user” and “per-role” basis. There should be a page where the administrator can select the report views available to each user role. There should be a page where the administrator can select the report views available to each user.

eHealth Fellow Responsibilities and Detailed List of Tasks

• Work Closely with CapacityPlus/iHRIS team
• Maintain contact with iHRIS team throughout assignment
• Work with the key staff at the Ministry of Health in Botswana to ensure that the dashboard meets their requirements.
• Document the PHP source code for the functionality as described in the SOW above
• Write a wiki article at with screen-shots which details how to:
o enable/install the dashboard module
o configure “per-user” and “per-role” dashboard reports
• Write at least one blog article about the development process and which contains the consultant’s contact information

Methodology and Available Resource Materials

The chosen candidate will have access to CapacityPlus and HRIS team members as well as all needed software and documentation. The blue-print for this is project is at:


Period of Performance
The assignment will take place during March-August 2012


• Experience in creating new forms in iHRIS
• Experience in object oriented programming and PHP
• Experience with XML
• Experience with javascript

Submitting Applications

Interested and qualified candidates should send a CV and cover letter to Brooke Buchanan at before April 1, 2012. Cover letters should include the expected number of days to complete the assignment, expected daily rate in US $ at 8 hrs/day. Please note, daily rates less than $50 are preferred.