Code Bounty: eHealth Fellow needed for GIS and HRIS Project


CapacityPlus, the USAID global flagship project for Human Resources for Health, has been globally supporting human resources information system (HRIS) strengthening. One important goal of this work is to increase the use of data for decision and policy-making, and adding the ability to easily visualize geographic data within iHRIS fits within this goal.

Scope of Work

• Allow for geo-coding of geographic data either by a single Latitude and Longitudinal point within the web interface. This data should be associated to districts, regions, as well as facilities and training institutions.
• Incorporate and/or Google Maps into the reporting system. Reports which are tagged with geo-data (e.g. Latitude and Longitude coordinates for a facility) will have numeric and aggregate data (such as number of health workers) for the report plotted on a map with labels.
• Options should be provided to indicate the scale of aggregate data (e.g. marker size should increase for a facility with a large number of health workers)
• Options should be provided to link markers on the map to a page in the iHRIS system. For example, you can click on the marker for a facility and pull up the current staff list report that for that facility
• Optionally, allow for polygonal boundary data to be associated to a geographic location (e.g. for a facility). In this case the polygon should be shaded on the map with options for specifying color and opacity. Labels should also be incorporated.

eHealth Fellow Responsibilities and Detailed List of Tasks

• Work Closely with CapacityPlus/iHRIS team
• Maintain contact with iHRIS team throughout assignment
• Work with key staff to identify needed resources

Methodology and Available Resource Materials

The chosen candidate will have access to CapacityPlus and HRIS team members as well as all needed software and documentation including:


Period of Performance
The assignment will take place during March-August 2012


• Experience in creating new forms in iHRIS
• Experience in object oriented programming and PHP
• Experience with XML
• Experience with javascript
• Experience with mapping software

Submitting Applications
Interested and qualified candidates should send a CV and cover letter to Brooke Buchanan at before May 31, 2012. Cover letters should include the expected number of days to complete the assignment, expected daily rate in US $ at 8 hrs/day. Please note, daily rates less than $50 are preferred.