Carl Leitner to Present at OSCON

Carl Leitner will be traveling to Portland, Oregon next week to present at OSCON (Open Source Convention) on July 21st. In addition to his presentation, Carl will be meeting with members of the Open Source Working Group of American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA). In his work at IntraHealth, Carl regularly oversees Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) development work and health informatics training in Botswana, Ghana, Pakistan, Tanzania, and Uganda. He also works with regional organizations, such as the West African Health Organization, to ensure successful and sustainable HRIS.
At OSCON, Carl’s presentation will review the technical, political, and social obstacles to strengthening health workforce information in low-resource countries with infrastructure challenges. He will describe the open source iHRIS Suite of national, district, and local HRIS software, iHRIS Manage, iHRIS Qualify and iHRIS Plan, and how they were designed and developed to meet country needs while facing these challenges. He will explain the role of the iHRIS Appliance in providing a low-cost and low-maintenance solution for providing the iHRIS Suite, as well as review where and how the iHRIS Suite is being implemented.
Finally, Carl will describe the role of an HRIS as one part of a complete Health Information System (HIS). He will briefly overview some of the other components of an HIS and discuss some of the open standards used for exchanging data between these components, for example SDMX-HD developed by the World Health Organization. He will discuss the Public Health Information Toolkit (PHIT), which aims to ensure the interoperability of globally recognized open source public health software, including OpenMRS, DHIS2 and iHRIS Manage.