Capacity Project’s HR Software Upgraded at Uganda Health Councils

In Uganda, the country’s four professional health councils recently upgraded to version 3.0 of the Capacity Project’s iHRIS Qualify software, which tracks training, certification and licensing of health workers. Version 1.0 was installed in the councils last year. The newest version integrates more easily with iHRIS Manage, the Capacity Project’s HR management software, and offers increased capabilities for searching, reporting and customization. One important enhancement is the addition of configurable modules that enable system administrators to disable features or install new modules written by the Project or local developers. Also, reports from the system can now be exported into a variety of formats, such as Excel, and easily printed. The Capacity Project team consulted with local staff on desired specifications and trained them to upgrade the software. System administrators and local developers will now be better equipped to customize the software to meet country-specific needs without technical assistance from the Project. The code for version 3.0 will be made available for free download next month.