Capacity Project Tools and Resources Disseminated at Global Health Council Conference

On May 27, the Capacity Project hosted an auxiliary event, “Health Workforce: Using Better Data, Making Better Decisions,” at the Global Health Council conference in Washington, DC.

Focusing on the Project’s human resources information systems (HRIS) strengthening process, experts led participants in small group and one-on-one discussions about the HRIS Strengthening Implementation Toolkit, stakeholder leadership groups, iHRIS software, data-driven decision-making, the HRH Global Resource Center, HRH Action Framework and geographic information systems mapping.

Staff from Kenya, Mali, Namibia and Uganda shared experiences from their countries. Participants visited the tables, experimented with guided demos, reviewed a timeline highlighting key HRIS accomplishments and watched a short film on HRIS strengthening in Uganda. This interactive event was a unique opportunity to disseminate tools, resources and publications developed by the Project to facilitate the gathering and use of health worker data.