Announcing the Release of Offline iHRIS Manage and Qualify 3.0

We are pleased to announce the release of the offline version of iHRIS Manage 3.0 and iHRIS Qualify 3.0. A self-installing executable is now available for download from the Launchpad hosting site.

Offline iHRIS can be installed and run on any computer running Windows XP. It installs a single-user version of both iHRIS Qualify and iHRIS Manage on the computer.

The offline version is intended to be used in locations where Internet access is unavailable or very slow. It does not require a server to run. Data from the offline version may be synchronized with the full server-based version of either Manage or Qualify using the data import and export feature.

The Open Source code for the offline versions of iHRIS has also been made available on Launchpad for developers. We welcome any comments, suggestions, bug reports or enhancements for this software. Feel free to contact us through this website or through our developers mailing list.