Announcing the iHRIS Foundation

We are happy to announce the iHRIS Foundation, a new structure to manage the continuing growth of iHRIS while ensuring that community needs are met.

iHRIS has grown since its launch by IntraHealth International in 2006. iHRIS is presently installed in 24 countries with a handful of projects moving through the planning stages. Today, the iHRIS Community currently has nearly 300 active members on its Google Group and Slack Channels.

Implementing software like iHRIS is not just a matter of finding server space and a few terminals. Because iHRIS handles health workforce information, diverse groups of stakeholders from various ministries and organizations must form consensus on a variety of issues. Local iHRIS developers and implementers help these stakeholders work through these issues, and look toward the greater community for problem solving and support.

As iHRIS software grows, governments and organizations depend on it. The iHRIS Foundation will help the community build upon the success of iHRIS and set goals and objectives for the future.

The iHRIS Foundation will create the iHRIS Foundation Secretariat to help set those goals. The Secretariat will begin work creating its organizational structure, answering questions like:

  • What are the goals of the iHRIS Foundation Secretariat?
  • What is the membership structure of the iHRIS Foundation Secretariat?

IntraHealth International is looking for individuals and organizations with technical, community, industry and legal expertise to join the iHRIS Foundation Secretariat to move the iHRIS Community to the future.

For more information on the iHRIS Foundation Secretariat, please see this page:

For more information on the iHRIS Foundation, please see this page:

You can also email: ihris-secretariat [at]

Photo by Trevor Snapp, for IntraHealth International